Shelley Wilson, winner of the 1997 Wellcome Trust Sci-Art prize, trained at Camberwell College of Art following a foundation at the Sir John Cass School. She is a member of the Royal Society of British Sculptors.

An established artist, she has been working alongside the scientific and clinician community since 1995. Her works are primarily concerned with identity, the motivations that drive an individual and, in turn, perceptions within society relating to that individual. Wilson’s exhibitions in the UK and overseas have seen her collaborate with the most eminent members of the scientific world to comment on topical science based and ethical issues ranging from genetics to conjoined twins.

In a departure from her partnerships with noted scientists like the late Professor Arthur Crisp (her partner on the award winning Wellcome Sci-Art project) and Professor David Hopkinson (whose research concentrates on locating the genes responsible for facial features), her exhibition ‘Body Politic’ took the socio-political climate surrounding the general election in 2010 as subject material in a celebration of the experiences of the 150 MP’s who stepped down at that time.

In 2011 Wilson returned to her exploration of medical conditions of Dementia and the effects of these conditions on the corporeal, psychological and spiritual components of an individual and their families/carers. Funded by the Arts Council ‘Self Contained' was shown at The Bethlem Hospital and Institute of Psychiatry.

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