As an artist Wilson felt that it was important to mark the historic occasion that an unprecedented 150 MPs stepped down or retired before the 2010 General Election. A similar event occurred just after the 2nd World War when there was a mass exodus of 123 members, shocking at the time but not as extensive. Documenting what Wilson believes heralds a fundamental change within the British political system, she has created a 3D installation entitled ’Body Politic’ celebrating the careers and achievements of this unique group of MPs against a backdrop of the expenses scandal and the Chilcot enquiry.

Accompanying the installation are written statements penned by the Members themselves alongside their curriculum vitae. The subjects of the statements are varied. One submitted his Parliamentary Private Bills, another talks about how no MP should ever “serve more than three terms”, several have commentated on the Iraq War, Chris Mullin submitted his Valedictory.

An essay entitled ‘Leaving Parliament: a psychologist’s perspective’ by Dr Richard Kwaitkowski a psychologist from Cranfield University, is part of ‘Body Politic’ installation. For the past thirteen years, Dr Kwaitkowski has researched a group of MPs as part of his own independent parliamentary project.